Wednesday, January 27, 2016


There is a video going viral of Steve Harvey speaking to a Family Feud audience. It is called Jump. I have seen this video a few times and I am sure I will watch it about a hundred more times. If you haven’t seen it yet, I have the link below.

It has inspired me. God gives each of us gifts. Sometimes those gifts have absolutely nothing to do with our jobs/careers. Other times it could lead to a new career. Either way we need to take a leap, a jump, of faith. We have to trust our parachute will open and we will soar.

I love writing. I have been writing poems and stories since I was a little kid. There was a number of years I got away from it, but in the past year I have been doing more. It is like fresh oxygen for me. I have to write. which is why i have this blog. I would love to be published someday. I have been trying to think of my “niche” or speciality and I was stressing about that. Then I realized I don’t have to have a speciality. I realized it is essays that I love to write.

I have been thinking of some current topics and I realized I need to do some research. Research. It has been a while since I have needed to do that. But I did enjoy that in high school and college. There are so many resources available because of the internet, however, not everything on the internet is reliable. So it will take some figuring to see which sources are better than others.

Writing makes me happy. I’m ready to jump. Wanna come with me? What makes you jump? I would love to hear and cheer you on.

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