Tuesday, January 26, 2016

There are three things I really enjoy: Planners, Purses, and Phootball

Planners - Erin Condren Life Planner (www.erincondren.com)
I love planners. Paper, digital, Iove them all. I just had a conversation with my husband on how I needed to update our family calendar in the kitchen. I said I have three calendars going. 3? Why not just use your phone? I need paper. I just can’t go without a paper planner. Well, the past couple of days i decided to try just the phone calendar. I'm not convinced. we’ll see how it goes. but i do love paper planners and this year my favorite is my ECLP. There are interchangeable covers and i can personalize the covers too. So, even if i decide to go with phone calendar for appointments and such i will always have a paper planner for other things. perhaps this blog?

three covers with title.jpg

Purses - I love 31 (www.mythirtyone.com)
A few years ago I was introduced to 31 Bags. 31 is a direct sales company - consultants book parties/shows where the host can earn free and discounted products based on sales at their show. My sister hosted a show and about a year later became a consultant. She has a rapidly growing team and I am a number one customer.

I have several favorite items and right now one of my favorites is Everything Crossbody bag. I love it because i can wear it crossbody, over the shoulder and the wrist. Also my ECLP fits perfectly in the main zipper compartment. AAAAHHHHH! The bag is light weight before I add all my stuff to it and it isn’t much heavier with stuff in it.

More on my other favorites bags will be coming...new catalog starts February 1!

I live in the Philly area. Born and bred. I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan. My dad used to have season tickets when the Eagles played in Veterans Stadium. We have made it to the playoffs and even the super bowl a few times, but we haven’t won yet. Not once. Sigh. This past season was disappointing in a lot of ways. Our head coach was fired before the last game of the regular season. We weren’t going to the playoffs so it didn’t matter. However, we did win that last game. This week our new head coach was introduced. He’s a former player and former assistant coach. There is much speculation on how he will fare as head coach.i am optimistic. I don’t have much of a choice. More to come on that as well in the future.
eagles logo.jpg

So these are the three things that get me excited and I love talking about. Of course since this is a election year, the candidates get me fired up too. of course it isn’t always because i support them. it is more of a reaction to what they say and the attitudes they project. there will be more, lots more, on them as well.

I look forward to hearing what you think about these things as well too.

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