Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My fun package for today

I love getting mail! Whether it is a post card, letter or a package (the packages are my favorite!) I love opening the mailbox and seeing my name on an envelope or box. Today, I got a package!

I am going on a Scrapbook Weekend soon and I ordered an item for that and some pens. Frixion Gel Erasable Pens -multi-color 7 pack. Did I need the pens? No, but then when do any of us planner geeks need more than one pencil and one ink pen? And we certainly don't need 50 rolls of washi tape. Or personalized stickers.

Here they are!

I already started using them in my Passion Planner and in my Arc notebook making notes for my committee meeting I have next week. I even erased with them too. Squuueeeaaallll! That was so cool. I haven't used an erasable pen since high school or college and the results were not this good.

Take a look.

I wrote the wrong the year. How shall I fix it?

Yay! I can erase it!! Look at that!!

So that is my highlight for today. With all the hubub in the country these days, I have no problem with being excited over a new pack of pens that erase. We all need our distractions. Today, these are mine. Plus, the new pens will come in handy for writing letters to my state and national leaders. :)

Take care of yourselves. What is your favorite distraction? What is your favorite pen?

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