Tuesday, February 28, 2017

25 years ago

Twenty five years ago was 1992 

1992 was the spring semester of my sophomore year and the fall my junior year of college. I was a Communications/Journalism major with an emphasis on Radio/TV (particularly TV) at Shippensburg University. 

I was dating my husband for most of that year. Sophomore year I was living in the all girls dorm McLean Hall. Junior year I moved into Seavers Apartments. Six people to an "apartment." Two bedroom (3 to a room), 2 bathrooms and one living area. We didn't have a kitchen but there was space for our dorm size fridges. My main roomie was June. We lived together for three years. 

I was very involved with Circle K, which is the college affiliate of Kiwanis International. I held a couple of positions at the club level. At this time I was probably Social/K Family Chair and Membership Chair. Social chair – I was responsible for planning parties for the club. When other clubs or district officers came to visit I was in charge of planning a get together for them. K-Family meant I was the liaison to our host Kiwanis club and educate the club on the K-Family. Membership chair was fun. I would be in charge of having volunteers for a table at the activity fair at the start of the fall semester. Pretty much I was in charge of coming up with ways to recruit new members on campus. Since I was a Communications major and specializing in television I decided to make a membership video for our club. Something we could play at recruitment fairs and special events. I shot video of various club activities – service projects, meetings, socials and then put it all together with fun music. I am sure I broke several copyright laws with that, but hey, I was a college student and we were not charging money to view it. 

SUTV (Shippensburg University Television) was the campus television station that I worked at as well. There I learned how to write news reports & commercials, film, edit, and produce. I learned more there than I did in the classroom. Not sure I had a specific position in 1992. Eventually I became Business Manager Executive Producer of University Productions, our in-house production company. 

I loved all four years at Shippensburg University. It was a wonderful place to go to school and live. 

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