Thursday, February 23, 2017

21 years ago

Twenty one years ago was 1996 I was 23 years old. In 1996 I was working for The Salvation Army Eastern PA and Delaware Divisional Headquarters in Philadelphia. At that time I was probably Public Relations/Special Events Coordinator. My PR director and Special Events director each quit and they were not replaced right away. Eventually there was a new PR director hired later that year I think. 

I was dating my husband David and in May of that year we got engaged. August 1996 my paternal grandfather was diagnosed with brain cancer. December 1996 my family threw me a bridal shower at my Aunt Gerri's house. Right before my husband proposed I bought my first brand new car. A 1996 Dodge Neon, 4 door, fire engine red. I loved it! In the fall of 1996 we began seriously looking for a house in Lebanon County where we would live. By December we found our first home and would make settlement on it in January 1997. 

23 years old. We were babies. I didn't know a darn thing about getting married and owning a house, but I started learning. 

21 years ago. We were just starting to plan our future life together. My how time flies. 

Where were you? What were you doing 21 years ago?

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  1. 1996 - I was still at Bloomsburg University, and probably the year I was early childhood/special ed. Major. I was 20, and don't remember too much else about that year in particular other than I was still driving a 1983 Mercury Grand Marquis that required the use of a wooden garden stake to jiggle the wires to start half the time 😂


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