Tuesday, January 3, 2017


This week's focus is preparation. Next week I am having an outpatient surgery on my left foot. I am having bunion surgery. I had heard of bunions but never knew what they were. I always thought it was some sort of growth on the foot. Nope. One of the bones in my big toe is pushed out and it can be quite painful. Thank goodness for the bunion gel pads I found in the drug store.

Anyway, next week is the procedure and the doctor told me I have to stay off my foot for at least two weeks. I am a stay at home mom and do the majority of the housework and shopping. My hubby will be taking time off from work to stay home with me and help me. So this week I will do the grocery shopping and stock up on some favorite, easy meals for us.

This will be the third surgery I've had in a year. I had two wrist surgeries in 2016. Preparing for surgery is old hat to me by now and I have a standard check list of things to do the best I can before the procedure.

First, clear my calendar for the recovery time. Let hubby know our daughter's schedule so he can drive her to and from her activities. I also clear my calendar of any commitments I have. If it is a doctor's appointment then I reschedule or if it is a meeting or event, then I recuse myself from it.

Next, I go through my recipe list, which I have on www.pepperplate.com, and pick four or five recipes that I can prepare ahead of time. I only do 4 or 5 because we eat leftovers and there will be at least one fast food trip and we tend to have Sunday dinner with my folks every week. I pick recipes that can be frozen easily.

Then, I go over the instructions for prep given to me by my doctor. I usually need to stop taking ibuprofen and vitamin and supplements five to seven days before surgery. I make a note in my calendar to remind me every day to not take those. If I am having pain, Tylenol is usually okay to take.

I also start gathering items or supplies I may need after surgery. For my last wrist surgery I needed to have alcohol wipes to use three times a day over my stitches. I made sure I had gauze pads to place over my stitches when I wore my wrist brace after the wrapping came off. This time around I bought a foot sleeve to protect it in the shower. I made phone calls today and got information on renting a Roller Scooter to help me get around the first few weeks.

Finally, I make sure laundry is done and put away. I go through my closet and find clothes that will be comfortable and appropriate to wear the day of the surgery and the next few days. Since the target area is my foot I figure my sweatpants and boot leg cut pants will be needed. Dresses would work too. I have discovered LuLaRoe clothing and I fell in love with their Carly dresses. I figure they will work in the clothes rotation.

Lessons learned each time make the next time easier. The one thing I definitely need to tell the doctor next week is I need pain medicine that works. The one I had for my last wrist surgery did absolutely nothing for me the first twenty four hours. I do not want to go through that again.

As annoying as it is to have another procedure, I am hopeful that this will be the last one for quite some time and peaceful that I am doing everything I can to prepare ahead of time.

If you have a surgery or procedure coming up this year, feel free to use my tips to help yourself or a loved one. Let me know what are some things you do to prepare for a surgery.

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