Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Set Me Free

Set me free to live for today. Set me free to live in gratitude. Bless my intention.

I made the word THANKFUL my focus for 2017. I think this image sums up what I am looking for by being Thankful. I look to be present in each moment of the day. It has been quite difficult this month with all the hoopla of a new president taking office and all the executive orders he has signed. His actions are no longer hypothetical, but are reality. They have very real consequences for very real people.

Quite often my mind is jumping from one task to another. I want to be intentional. This is where my planner comes in handy. If I find my mind jumping from one thought to another or coming up with a list of things I want to do, I pull out my planner and start making lists. I either just write them in the to -do boxes or I start writing them in specific days. Once I do that, my mind feels emptier (no comments from the Peanut Gallery :) ) and then I can decide what I want to focus on.

Being intentional is very important. Being thankful is very important too. I have learned to take one day at a time. And there are days I need to take it one hour at a time. So remember to be thankful for something every day. Be intentional with your words, your actions and your thoughts. If you have to write in your planner to be thankful, then do it. Think of it as a gentle reminder to be aware of your life and all that you have in it and to say THANKS.

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