Saturday, January 14, 2017's work

I'm four days post bunion surgery. I knew it would be challenging to not put any weight on my foot, but it is a bit more difficult than I thought. You don't realize how much you need your feet until you can't use both of them. Previous surgeries I had were on my my wrists. I could walk, but I couldn't use my hands. Now I can't walk, but can use my hands.

I rented a knee walker to get around. Of course right now getting around entails the 6 feet between the pull out sofa bed and the bathroom, but it is a start. Resting is a bit more challenging than I thought it would be.

The first few days I was home, I very much needed the prescription pain medicine on a regular basis so I slept quite a bit. Today is the first day I have not taken any prescription pain medicine. I just took two regular Tylenol. I am using my Chromebook for the first time and I continue to decorate and write in my new 2017 Passion Planner. Only took one nap today too.

My hubby and daughter went out to separate places this afternoon for a couple of hours. I was feeling a little tired so I took a nap. As I was getting comfy, I had a realization. Bones in my foot are healing. That takes time. And it is work. And it is exhausting. I am using my right leg for balance and strengthening my core to hold myself upright when I get out of bed. Hubby helped me take a shower and get dressed today and that was tiring. It's okay. Tomorrow, I plan on going to my parents' house for dinner.

I think this coming week I will start to feel a little cabin fever, but I have to remember my bones are healing. So resting with no weight bearing for at least another week is on the calendar.

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